As Facebook started with simple social networking website and a medium to connect people all over the globe but now it is at it’s peak with more than 500 million users and still counting and standing ahead of all other social networking sites weather Google+ or Orkut, but users are not only one who are increasing . Facebook’s features are also growing with the same pace as that of it’s users or might be much faster now a days e.g. Facebook gifts, new API , chat-box-features, new Timeline and lot more.


and this increment is attracting all sort of spammer and cyber criminals .
So the question arises that how one should make his profile safe sound and free from all scams and be up to date about new features .?
Well there is a solution for this too.
Facebook tips, tricks and security a place where all your answers are summed up and are just awaiting for you.
In short you can call it a mini-FACEBOOK-wikipedia. So have a look on this amazing page and enjoy facebook without fear and to it’s fullest.
Happy facebooking.